Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Eye Exam-- check!

I took Kate to the Ophthalmologist yesterday. She has perfect vision now, which means she'll end up a bit near sighted by the time she's a teen he said. Other than that, nothing out of the ordinary.

I asked him about Irlen Syndrome (the color screens) and also Vision Therapy. In not so many words he told me it was 'bunk'. I guess I didn't expect much more from the 'establishment'. I'm not so sure he even believes dyslexia is a real condition...

But whatever, to each his own. Purple screens make the letters stop moving for her, whether it can be proven scientifically or not, whether it's on his boards or no. We'll continue doing whatever works for Kate, establishment approved or way out in left field.

Kate also had her first day working with the psychologist. I didn't go, but she said it was 'fun', and she gets prizes, so she's happy to go. For now. Who knows what she'll be like next week. On Friday, she gets tested by the speech pathologist. She's going to be very busy with all these interventions!

Home schooling is going well. We get done faster and faster each day, she seems to have accepted it. She does still balk at anything new I try to introduce, but then I remind her about the sticker policy (no smile, no sticker) and she's over it.

I'm still trying to get used to the time commitment that it is. My mornings are gone, and I miss those productive hours. Oh well. Parenting has always been inconvenient, no?


  1. AHHHH, the ever present problem of time. We never get enough and even when you need a few extra hours they can't be bought. Well, they could I guess, it's called a maid, cook, driver, gardener,nanny...oh wait that's me. Hang in there. Glad things are going well for now!

  2. Yeah man tell me about it.
    I'm starting 'pre school' tomorrow.
    Big inconvenience, but a mother's gotta do what a mother's gotta do for the good of our children right?
    Who cares what people think what man if purple works for Kate then it works, period.

  3. glad to hear things are on the up-swing and that she is doing better at home. I am sure it is a hard adjustment and great sacrifices bring great results. You are doing great:)