Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Day 2

'School' went ok today. We did more of the same. Clay, reading, spelling words out of textured magnetic letters. Again, she didn't want to go back in time for computers, she opted to wait and go w/ Ella. Makes my life a little easier, not having to walk Ella to school. She says even though she's only there for 3 hours, it still feels like all day. LOL.

I'm not sure it's helping though. I know, I know, it's only day 2, but I'm gripped with a fear that a year from now, we'll be no better off. Chris says, at least she'll be no worse off, and then related a story that happened today. A kid in his class read out loud today, missed every fourth word. During a conversation in the hall w/ Chris, he told him he was dyslexic. He's in high school and can't read. He's been in special ed the whole time. That's what staying in the system has done for him.

I came across a blog yesterday, the same one I cut and pasted in yesterday's post. Anyway, she had a link to rocket phonics, a program that was designed with dyslexics in mind, supposedly a very kinesthetic approach, promises to increase reading level to 4th or 5th grade in just 2 years. And it's pretty cheap, $160. Cheaper if I get it used.

The controller/scheduler in me says, 'YES!' a program! Something I can follow and not have to worry about coming up with crap on my own! But then I remember, dyslexics suck at phonics, so maybe this isn't the way to go? ARGH! Will someone please just tell me what to do? I'm a product of the system! I need directions! I need to have someone think for me!

*sigh* I just want to see the end from the beginning... is it too much to ask?

Obviously, I'm not as confident as previous posts may have implied. I guess today is just a fear day. Tomorrow I'll aim for a faith day.


  1. So have the other kids given her a hard time about only going half day?

    It's like the song says," There's always tomorrow", it will get better just stick it out.

  2. I've got some different letter manipulatives that you're welcome to use if you want to add varity to the hands-on approach! The clay is excellent. Salt boxes are another personal favorite.
    I agree with Chris - no worse off. All that you're trying are great things!

  3. I agree with Sarah's comment.
    Surely things have to start getting easier right?
    It's only the first week.
    I hope mum's stuff helps.