Friday, October 28, 2011

Speech Therapy

Kate was tested and approved for an IEP for Speech this week. She cannot say her /r's/. This affects how she spells, because she replaces /r/ with /w/. I still think it's cute, but, obviously, it's contributing to her problem, so it has to be 'fixed'. She loves speech therapy, thank goodness. She has a 'speech buddy' that she goes with every week, her friend Sarah. They have stickers and rewards, it works for her, at least it does there. At home, not so much. Same exact system, two different results. Sigh.

We're still plunking away at the cooperation issue. Every day, I never know who I'm getting. Kate Jekyll or Kate Hyde. I live for Fridays (when she goes to school all day).

I made her work with clay yesterday. She cannot seem to learn the word 'were'. No matter how many times she sees it, she always says 'where'. So, she made it out of clay, and then since the definition didn't make sense to her, we just came up with a sentence and she made this bat to remind her of it.

"We WERE bats, but then we changed into Vampires!" Honestly, you'd think she'd love this stuff, but it's like pulling teeth...


  1. I hope that sentence works.
    Did she see Masaru's bat book?
    She might like it LOL
    I'll miss her speech.
    Oh well, such is life.

  2. hey... that's fun stuff. i think i could of enjoyed school more if i had clay bats and fun crafts to make.

  3. You might enjoy some of the imperfect humor this homeschooling mom linked to below writes about. Rock on, Kristin. It all counts, hits or misses.

    my word verification word is manti. Is this a UT blog or what? lol